I love shopping online and especially to see what the world of fashion has declared a trend. If you know fashion trends and that one lady friend who is ever style conscious , you know that the one fashion piece they have in their closet is the off the shoulder top. 

This trending piece of clothing is everywhere and is available in different styles. There are ruffle frill off shoulder tops, the 90's inspired ones. The most popular one that many women know is the cold shoulder top which shows your skin between the sleeves and the top's straps. This off shoulder tops for women trend is so hot that it has been applied to dresses, wedding gowns, swimwear,  and jumpsuits. Let's delve into womens off shoulder tops and know what goes with each type.


How to Wear an Off Shoulder Top

 Off the shoulder tops are considered casual but a striped style  paired with jeans and pumps can give off a very professional look. Wouldn't it be nice if you can show off this ensemble at work without losing chances of getting promoted? ha Try the look and let us know what kind of day it was. 

Striped off shoulder top


Then you can really go to the extreme side of casual with this blue off the shoulder top. As you may have guessed, the look is completed by flat sandals and a pair of shorts or jeans. 

Blue off the shoulder top

Consider pairing your off shoulder top with a skirt and really get that vintage look. Add a gold plated necklace and you are ready to head out. 

off shoulder top and skirt


Have you considered a solid plain off shoulder top which you can then wear with colorful pants or skirts. The look is fabulous and truly memorable

There are a whole ton of variations of off shoulder tops online but you have no cause for worry. There are those off shoulder tops that have thin straps that can leave one wondering what the designer was thinking. These are best paired with long drop earrings, beach sandals and a pair of jeans or shorts. Bermuda shorts can also do the trick. 

 strappy off shoulder top


Then go for real chic and all lace off shoulder tops for that dainty look. This is perfect for a first date or a casual Friday at work


lace off shoulder top



This seems obvious but solid off shoulder tops can also be worn with solid bottoms . To make the look pop out, add a chic hat and a long necklace to interact with the solid top. The result- flawlessness. 


solid off shoulder top for women


Go for fierce and chic in this  animal print mini off shoulder top. The piece by itself speaks volume so you want to pair with bottoms that are subliminal. Jeans or shorts are a sure yes for this type of off shoulder top for women . 

animal print off shoulder top

Told you there were different varieties off shoulder tops for women . Check this one out. Made of chiffon and is  basically a show part of the arm top( we are kidding). Seriously though, this chiffon off the shoulder top is absolutely gorgeous , simple and can be worn with jeans or even a plain pencil skirt. 

chiffon off shoulder top for women