It's that time of the year again! We are talking about summer and why hello bare backs, tanned skin, belly tops and flip flops, booty shorts and mini dresses. Get off your white hats people, summer has begun it's time to make memories before the sun sets. If you are like me, then you have been waiting for summer since last summer. Trends are changing fast, in fact too fast and we know, keeping up is hard. You may be wondering, is it the 80s or the 90s that have made a comeback, then again we are seeing flashbacks from 2007 to 2013 so where are we now in fashion, you ask!

Do not despair, we will walk you through this season's best trends and you will keep up with our yays and nays. After all, we only have a few weeks to enjoy the season. Lets make the most of it in the most memorable and fashionable summer clothes

Are you shopping for summer? Then you should consider these  trending styles.


1. Formal But Still Sassy. 

Unfortunately for some of us who live in the real world, summer is not necessarily vacation time ,and we still need to go work and spend a lot of time at the office. However, this is not an excuse to look dreary or shabby. You can still slay with womens midi dresses because they are the perfect length, look professional and with the right choice can elevate you to a style icon. For instance a beautiful mid length pleated dress will surely turn heads in the workplace. Go for bright colors to match the season and do not hesitate to pair with belts. Flats, wedges will complete the look.

Or maybe you would prefer dresses for all occasions like this solid colored plain chiffon dress? We love this because it is so summery, allows you to accessorize with bangles, necklaces and the chiffon fabric will give you a flowy look

 Solid colored Dress


2. Timeless style in a Hi low.

Relaxing and chilling out is one of the things we will all be looking forward to these picnic days. And  what should you wear you ask? Well, one style I believe will be around for a long time is the Hi Low trend. It keeps getting better with different designs and styles flooding the internet and its with good reason, this trend is simply breathtaking.  


3. The Shift Dress Frenzy. 

Though not many people know this, the shift dress trend was a very big style hit in the 60s. And now, its back again. Basically a shift dress is a short dress that lucks detailed shaping all the way from the shoulders offering more room through the bust, waist and hips.  


With the excess heat going around and the need to wear free clothing that doesn't hug your body, this shift dress trend can easily grow on you. It's super comfortable and not an inch of style or fashion is taken away from it. It's also a way to show off those sexy toned legs. 


4. 'Beach me up. '

Spending time at the beach enjoying that ocean breeze is a good way to cool off your body this season. And there are a few essential you need when going to the beach-side. But top of the list should be a sexy beach cover up dress. What to look for in a good cover-up, is basically a very light beach dress preferably see through to show off your sexy swimsuit.

Take up the lead in the latest beach cover up trend in this gorgeous striped design. They are made from very light material and you don't necessarily have to take them off to enjoy the weather.  

Accessorize with a pair of beautiful anklets to complete the beach me up look.


 5. The Bikini kind of life for plus size girls 

Gone are the days when only small size women would flaunt their bodies in sexy Swimsuits. online stores are now stocking different swimwear for all body types. I came across this beautiful swimsuits for plus size girls and I was blown away. 

The illusion in these swimsuit is in the stripes. Stripes can easily make one appear smaller and more curvy. 

If you're a plus size and are a bit shy to show off your thighs then these dress like swimsuits for women will have you covered in all the right places. 




6. You can never go wrong with the right pair of rompers.

Rompers are definitely a must have this summer. They come in different designs and can be worn almost anywhere. Rompers made of chiffon material appear more classy and elegant and can be worn at semiformal events. 

Other types of Rompers like this light blue acid washed romper are more sassy and free spirited and are a good look for a more casual and relaxed day. 


9. Maxi dresses are a good go to summer style.

Summer styles don't always have to be of short dresses. Long Dresses also make for a good fashion statement. This summer, try out some of this trendy maxi dresses.

Break the rules in one of this boho maxi dresses.

Long maxi dresses are also a good option if you want to remain covered but still be free enough to be comfortable with the summer heat and nonetheless remain stylish, trendy and chic.


 Enjoy the sun and remember to shop when the sun still shines. ;-)